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Safe - by Emma B

A beautiful poem written by one of our very own talented staff member- Emma B

SAFE but what does this mean..

Silently and swiftly I left,
Under cover of the shadows,
Aching from the bruises, bruises fresh

and bruises long gone.

Marks on my body tell my story, a

nightmare to others
Fearful of the future I'm running to,
Chaotic and fragile are my steps

I arrive.
I'm safe but in limbo,
Safe but on hyper-alert,
Safe but scared,
Safe but lonely.

But I'm free.
Free from his fist, free from control.
Free from the key in the door and

boots kicked on the floor.
Free from the look and the nod that

means all is not well.

The sun rose and I was alive.
I was here feet on the floor and eyes

to sky.
I was alive and I had survived.
One step at a time, I can be free each

One step at a time I'm safe, I will


Refuge has saved me.
Refuge keeps me safe.
Refuge guides me.
Refuge is my saving grace.

SAFE is my new life, a word unknown

A word I'm learning and trusting,

Fear won't control me anymore.

"I am Free."

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