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CAMPAIGN TO CHANGE: Make Victims’ Rights More Important Than The Rights Of An Abuser

We are announcing our new movement to ensure that survivors have the information they need to be safe after their abuser leaves prison.

Did you know, after a domestic abuser is released from prison, a victim will have no idea where that abuser is living or what the terms of their release are?

Our CEO, Charlotte Kneer, has set out a plan for a new campaign to change how the Criminal Justice System deals with victims after a domestic abuser leaves prison.

"It has long been apparent to me as a survivor of domestic abuse and as CEO of an organisation that supports survivors, that the Criminal Justice system favours the perpetrator of domestic abuse after they have been convicted of crimes...
After that criminal has served a prison sentence the system turns it’s back on the victim. They have served their purpose in securing a conviction and suddenly the rights belong to the offender."

How can you protect yourself if you are still in fear of your perpetrator and you have no information about where they are or what measures are in place to manage that offender?

I Choose Freedom have started our new campaign called "CAMPAIGN TO CHANGE: Make Victims’ Rights More Important Than The Rights Of An Abuser". The focus of this campaign will be to ensure survivors have all the information they need to plan their own safety after the person who abused them is freed from prison.

Have an opinion? Tweet or post with the hashtag #SurvivorRightsFirst and tag us (socials here) to let us know your thoughts.

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