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Making a difference.

We are passionate about supporting the survivors who live in our refuges. We work hard to provide support for women and children as well as the for any victim in need through our Refuge for All project. We also strive to make a difference nationally by creating change to laws and raising awareness. We are recognised as leaders in the ending domestic abuse movement.

I’d like to help your charity. How would I do this?

The best way to help us is to donate money via this website using the donate button. We are a small, independent charity and are always struggling to provide the standard of service that we know the survivors who use our services deserve.

How else can I help?

  • You could donate vouchers from Sainsburys or Tesco; these are useful for us to give directly to the families.
  • You could arrange a legacy gift in your will.
  • You and your employer could set up ‘give as you earn’
  • Your business could arrange a fundraising event
  • You could arrange a fundraising event at home
  • Your business could have one of our collection pots in their reception
  • Please see our fundraising section on the website or contact us to talk about your ideas.


I’m a person who would like to help raise funds. What are my options?

We've provided a blog post to help give you fundraising ideas. See below.

Need inspiration? See our blog post on 'A-Z of fundraising'...

To donate please follow the 'Donate' button at the top of the page. If you would like to get in contact about fundraising or specific donation queries, please send us an email - info@ichoosefreedom.co.uk

If you organise a fundraising event you will need to arrange your own insurance cover. I Choose Freedom’s public liability insurance does not cover this. Thank you.

Forms & Media

Click on the below links to download and print out any documentation you need to help raise funds for I Choose Freedom

I’d like to donate a large amount of money. What do I do and how do I do this?

You can donate directly via the donate button or get in contact with us to talk about your donation further so we can show you where your money would go. info@ichoosefreedom.co.uk

Contact us

How your donations help

I Choose Freedom is a small, independent charity and 100% of your donation will go directly towards supporting the survivors who live at our refuges.

Your donation could pay for the transport to help that family escape and get to the refuge.
This could save their lives.

  • £5 could pay for sanitary products for women and girls who arrive with nothing.
  • £10 could pay for a teddy and toys for a child that has left all of their belongings behind.
  • £20 could pay for a food parcel when the family arrives exhausted, helping them to cook their first meals without the added stress of having to go shopping.
  • £50 could pay for uniform and equipment for a child starting a new school
  • £100 could pay for psychotherapy for a teenager who has suffered extreme trauma
  • £500 could pay for a complete welcome package for a new family. This would include food, toiletries, vouchers for uniforms and equipment, kitchen equipment, bedding, toys, clothing, baby equipment and much more. The family can take all of this with them when they leave the refuge and it helps them set up their new home.
  • £1000 could pay the costs for a whole year to provide all of the women with respite and activities that help them to feel happy and confident again. An example of this would be a trip to the hairdressers or buying a swimming costume for a woman who loves to swim.
  • For any donations over £1000 please contact us and we can talk through what your donation could provide.


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