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When I came to the refuge I was a mum of 4 young children.

I had heard about refuges but never really knew much about them. I wasn't  sure what to expect.

When I arrived it was very overwhelming  and quite surreal, but the specially made-up boxes for the children that met them in their rooms as they walked in put them at ease. Which in turn made me breathe a sigh of relief.

I then went on to find a box in my room of food bits and toiletries. This made my first days and weeks much easier not having to think about these little things at such a traumatic time.

Everything was thought of down to vouchers to buy underwear which for me was a God send as I left with nothing.

Living with other people isn't easy but I can say that I made some friendships that have continued even now I have left. No one quite understands the pain or emotional  turmoil you go through on this journey like someone on the same path and having someone to talk to when you needed made this road easier to tread.

The much-needed  playroom and garden kept my children's busy plus activities put on at different  times.

The support staff, child advocates and residents were undoubtedly part of my growth and a chapter in my story to be the best mum and woman God has made me.

For me, the choice to come here was definitely  the right one, as daunting as the first step seems to call and admit I needed help and a safe space it is a call that saved my life.


-Survivor of Domestic Abuse 2022

To help us continue to provide our life saving services and support survivors of domestic abuse by giving them the essentials they need to get through those first few weeks in a refuge please consider donating to us or raising awareness for our charity.

For further support:

National Domestic Abuse helpline

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