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I Choose Freedom and Nationwide Building Society

Read how the world's largest building society is helping I Choose Freedom

For the last few months, the world’s largest building society have been holding fundraising activities and events for I Choose Freedom.

In February we were contacted by a Branch Manager who had seen our Channel 4 Dispatches documentary and wanted to see whether her local branch could support the refuge. We were then invited to a presentation meeting where we talked about the work we do and whether Nationwide could support us. In July, Emma Armstrong; I Choose Freedom Services Manager, spoke to a group of 20+ Nationwide Branch Managers from the South East about I Choose Freedom and what the refuge does to support the families who live here. 

After the presentation we were absolutely delighted to hear that two regions and over twenty branches would be supporting us. All of the Nationwide Branches participating have been taking part in cake sales and raffles as well as holding their own individual events such as sponsored walks.

A recent joint cake sale and raffle with many of the Nationwide branches in the South East raised an incredible £842.78 for I Choose Freedom.

Many Nationwide customers have been donating brand new items for I Choose Freedom including clothes, toys, toiletries, food and kitchen items; all of these we will give out to new families who come to the refuge. 

In total so far, Nationwide have raised over £1,300 for I Choose Freedom and we know they have set their target much higher. A huge thank you to all of the staff and customers of Nationwide branches for their support and enthusiasm.


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