Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory


Susan has been a leader in the property industry for a number of years & undertook a recent MSc in People & Organisational Development. She loves the positive impact people can make when they are empowered and supported to do so and focuses on purpose, intrinsic motivation and bringing all voices to the table. She is an advocate for greater representation of women in senior roles and is a commentator on the gender pay gap.

Why did I become a trustee?

"I had been following Charlotte and the work of I Choose Freedom for a number of years - getting involved in a few projects and supporting where I could.  Becoming a trustee is an honour and a responsibility that allows me to further support the invaluable work of Charlotte and the team in ending domestic abuse and supporting survivors and their families.  
As a trustee I have had my eyes opened to the scale of domestic abuse in society, the individual experiences of survivors and the complex and challenging work undertaken to support each and every client.  Whilst these learnings have been shocking and humbling, they also further motivate me to support Charlotte and the team to further the positive impact we can have on individual survivors as well as addressing the wider web of domestic abuse in society."

Susan loves hiking and has completed the 3 peaks and 5 peaks challenges and is involved in community projects.