Emma Armstrong

Emma Armstrong

Deputy CEO & Head of Services

Emma is on maternity leave from the 19th December 2022.

Emma has worked at I Choose Freedom since 2013.

Emma's journey at I Choose Freedom started when she was hired as a play therapist. She has worked her way up to her new role as the Head of Services. This role includes service delivery and safeguarding.

'As a survivor myself I am passionate about raising awareness of domestic abuse and fighting for the voices of women and children to be heard. The best parts of my job are working alongside an incredible team of passionate and dedicated women who give their all to those in our care and being a crucial part of a family’s journey to freedom.'

She is a survivor of domestic abuse herself which equips her with a deeper understanding and empathy to support the families in her care. She uses her own personal journey coupled with her several years experience to train and educate professionals in Domestic Abuse, particularly in recognising the signs of Coercive and Controlling behaviour.

She has recently supported a client who left the refuge 3 years ago in a fight to secure justice for her following unfair decisions being made in the family courts. This resulted in a landmark case being heard at the Courts of Appeal where a decision around the findings made were overruled. This has played a vital role in changing the way in which domestic abuse cases are dealt with in the family court system.

She actively campaigns to make a difference to the lives of families fleeing domestic abuse. She has been featured in a number of our documentaries, has had appearances on the Victoria Derbyshire show and various other media platforms.