Shubhada Sengupta

Shubhada Sengupta

Chair of the Board of Directors (Trustee)

Shubhada (Shubs) has been a trustee since October 2016.

She has worked in several project roles within financial services for over 20 years and currently works for Barclays Plc in London. She is Chair of the Board of Directors at I Choose Freedom since 2019.

Why did you become a Trustee?

‘I wanted to explore what being a Trustee entailed & I felt I had some useful skills to contribute. The experience has been a complete eye-opener in terms of understanding the charity sector and, specifically, the issues related to domestic abuse. The I Choose Freedom team and the rest of the Board are passionate and determined to make a difference to the lives of survivors & I’m grateful for the opportunity to walk alongside them on this journey.’

Shubs is passionate about raising awareness on gender / race based issues in the workplace. Outside of work and her role at I Choose Freedom, Shubs enjoys travelling, reading and cooking.